Voyageur Parkour in Manitoba

I’m in the middle of our country (Aikens Lake, in eastern Manitoba to be exact) landing a boat on a rocky shore channeling my inner Courier de Bois—if I was any more Canadian I’d be the recipient of multiple Heritage grants. From the moment my boat touches the rocky shore, I’m in motion: leaping overContinue reading “Voyageur Parkour in Manitoba”

Good apples: Nova Scotia harvest time

The crunch of a crisp apple. The sweet aroma of warm apple pie. The tastebud-tickling goodness of fresh-pressed apple cider.  Ever since French settlers first planted apple trees some 400 years ago in what is now Nova Scotia, the fall harvest has inspired apple lovers to bite into, bake, puree, preserve, ferment and otherwise relish thisContinue reading “Good apples: Nova Scotia harvest time”