Following the trail of Hemingway in Cuba

That Roly, owner of the casa particular where I’m staying in Old Havana, speaks only three words of English could be problematic. My Spanish is mucho bad and my husband’s no better. And yet, we get along just fine. Perhaps it is because two of the three words Roly knows are daiquiri and mojito—and, really,Continue reading “Following the trail of Hemingway in Cuba”

Cruising Havana, Cuba in a classic American car

Havana is an intoxicating city, a crumbling, culturally rich, historically captivating and sensuous place. It’s only 150 kilometers from Cuba’s popular resort town of Varadero to the country’s fascinating capital—an easy two-hour drive. Make a day trip in a classic American car and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported much, much further. Like, back toContinue reading “Cruising Havana, Cuba in a classic American car”