Train tripping across Canada with teens

Although no one suggests my plan to take the train across Canada with my family is “an act of insane recklessness” (that’s what a politician said in 1871 when he heard that Canada was going to build a railway across the immense and largely empty country), some friends are clearly flummoxed. Even when I extolContinue reading “Train tripping across Canada with teens”

Girls gone soft on Maui spa getaway

Cowhide surfboards. Bathtubs brimming with something akin to lime Jell-o. A waiter who acknowledges every request with a throaty “my pleasure” suggesting something even naughtier than the dessert menu. Maui certainly serves up surprises on a girls’ getaway. When my L.A.-based sister Robyn and I decide to abandon our men folk and kids and enjoyContinue reading “Girls gone soft on Maui spa getaway”

Wannabe cowgirl at the Calgary Stampede

That a 900-kilogram black bull is snorting and stomping in the rodeo chute beside where I stand doesn’t scare me. Even when it starts slamming against the chute rails and tossing its head in a vain attempt to sink a horn into the cowboy straddling the top rails, I’m frightened only a little. No, whatContinue reading “Wannabe cowgirl at the Calgary Stampede”

Getting air on Vancouver Island’s west coast

There is air, there is fresh air, and then there is the brisk, briny, oxygen-thick air that rides in on wild ocean waves. That’s the air you’ll breathe when you round the tip of southern Vancouver Island and follow the Pacific Marine Circle Route. This 158-mile scenic drive begins in Victoria, hugs the western coastlineContinue reading “Getting air on Vancouver Island’s west coast”