Canada: From place to placemat

As a young child, I took great pleasure in mushing oatmeal on Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings, spilling juice over Niagara Falls and smearing strawberry jam across Prairie wheat fields. The plastic-covered placemats of quintessential Canadian scenes that my mother spread across our kitchen table in our 1960s suburban rancher in Nanaimo, B.C. were meant to speedContinue reading “Canada: From place to placemat”

How Leon, Nicaragua got Central America’s largest cathedral

How the largest cathedral in Central America came to be built in this sun-scorched corner of Nicaragua is open to debate. Some believe that the local clergy presented the ruling Spaniards with more modest plans and that these, once approved, were secretly altered to produce something much more magnificent. Others, including my guide Jose AntonioContinue reading “How Leon, Nicaragua got Central America’s largest cathedral”