Happy in Halifax: That’s an order

Halifax has long known how to have a good time. In 1606, explorer Samuel de Champlain kicked off centuries of Nova Scotia merrymaking when he established L’Ordre de Bon Temps, the Order of the Good Time, to raise the spirits of his men wintering 200 km north of Halifax. The Order is still in existenceContinue reading “Happy in Halifax: That’s an order”

Key West Two Ways

Seafood is king in Key West, but a certain pie reigns as its most famous food…Visit WestJet Magazine online to continue reading my recommendations for Casual Dining. Thanks to a sub tropical climate and compact geography, it’s easy to get moving in Key West… Visit WestJet Magazine online to continue reading my recommendations for the Continue reading “Key West Two Ways”

Good apples: Nova Scotia harvest time

The crunch of a crisp apple. The sweet aroma of warm apple pie. The tastebud-tickling goodness of fresh-pressed apple cider.  Ever since French settlers first planted apple trees some 400 years ago in what is now Nova Scotia, the fall harvest has inspired apple lovers to bite into, bake, puree, preserve, ferment and otherwise relish thisContinue reading “Good apples: Nova Scotia harvest time”

Finding love and butter on Oregon coast

The Chetco Seafood Market and Restaurant in Brookings Harbor is empty except for one other couple. We settle into a corner table and turn our attention to the blackboard where today’s catch is offered—all with chips and all guaranteed to be fresher than fresh. The other couple—a grown son and his mother, we’re guessing–is alreadyContinue reading “Finding love and butter on Oregon coast”

Vive L’Acadie!

Acadia has the ingredients of a bona fide country. National flag? Check. National anthem? Check. National holiday? Yup, August 15. National pride? Oh my goodness yes. And yet, you won’t find Acadia on any map. That’s because, despite a rich history reaching back to the 1600s, when French settlers put down roots on the AtlanticContinue reading “Vive L’Acadie!”

Going Coastal on Vancouver Island

Swimming in potholes. Riding a steam train. Beachcombing. Sampling the local vino. Falling asleep to the sound of surf. British Columbia’s Pacific Marine Circle Route serves up so many tempting diversions on its 255-km-long journey along southern Vancouver Island, you’d be insane not to slow down and enjoy. The scenic drive begins in Victoria andContinue reading “Going Coastal on Vancouver Island”

Getting air on Vancouver Island’s west coast

There is air, there is fresh air, and then there is the brisk, briny, oxygen-thick air that rides in on wild ocean waves. That’s the air you’ll breathe when you round the tip of southern Vancouver Island and follow the Pacific Marine Circle Route. This 158-mile scenic drive begins in Victoria, hugs the western coastlineContinue reading “Getting air on Vancouver Island’s west coast”