List of articles by year

Flip Flop at Makena Grill Wailea Maui
Wailea is home to Joe’s and the roadside Makena Grill


> Just for Canadian Dentists Where the Wild Things Are: Rafting Canada’s Far North & photos September/October

>Just for Canadian Doctors Rafting Canada’s North & photos Fall issue

> Canadian Traveller  California Guide, Death Valley September issue

> The Province Dashing Through Kelowna Snow – & photos February 24

> The Vancouver Sun Wine, Dine and Dash in Wintery Kelowna & photos February 23

> Just for Canadian Doctors Big Love in Death Valley & photos Winter 2019

> Canadian Geographic The Bear that Disappears (Glacier Bears of Northern Canada and Alaska) January/February

> WestJet Magazine Pangea Pod Hotel, Whistler January


> Just for Canadian Dentists Big Love in Death Valley & photos November/December

> L.A. Parent Living it Up in Death Valley & photos November

> onBoard Magazine Pender Island Surprises August

> 10 Ways Canada’s Yukon Territory is Beyond Your Wildest Dreams August 2

> Just for Canadian Dentists Happy in Halifax: That’s an Order July/August

> WestJet Magazine Hotels for Baseball Fans in Toronto, Houston and Boston April

> Just for Canadian Dentists Welcome to the Rock & photos January/February

> Just for Canadian Dentists Into the Snow in the Chic-Chocs & photos January/February


> onBoard Magazine Road tripping on Vancouver Island September

>WestJet Magazine A Guide to Cape Breton Island April

> L.A. Parent Magazine Visiting Quebec with Kids in Tow March

> WestJet Magazine Warm Weather Hotels: Lord Balfour January


> L.A. Parent Magazine Celebrate the Season in San Francisco December

> WestJet Magazine Key West Two Ways (online as Four Things for Food Lovers to do in Key West and Four Outdoor Activities in Key West November

> L.A. Parent Magazine Mom’s Time Out: Sonoma Girlfriends’ Getaway October

> WestJet Magazine Maui Two Ways  January

> WestJet Magazine Hotels Save or Splurge: The Burrard Hotel  January


> WestJet Magazine Two Times the Fun: Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast October

> WestJet Magazine Swanky Stays: Hotel Wailea September

> WestJet Magazine Victoria Two-Ways  March


> up! (WestJet Magazine) Private Dining in Cuba October

> Western Living Magazine ( Voyageur Parkour in Manitoba September 8

> up!(WestJet Magazine) Good Apples: Make the most of harvest time in Nova ScotiaSeptember

> The Georgia Straight Following the trail of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba & photo May 1 – 8

> up! (WestJet Magazine) Iberostar Varadero April

> The Sunday Sun (Toronto Sun) Nicaragua cathedral may have been happy accident & photo February 23


> up! (WestJet Magazine)  Let’s do the Time Warp (Havana, Cuba) & photos November

> up !(WestJet Magazine) Top five vintage cars for cruising in Havana, Cuba & photos November

> The Georgia Straight North of 60, accidental sightseeing is easy September 26

> up! (WestJet Magazine)  Vive l’Acadie! New Brunswick’s Acadian Coast & photos August

> Vancouver Courier How Leon got Central America’s largest cathedral & photo May 21

> up!(WestJet Magazine) Going Coastal on Vancouver Island  & photos April

> Comox Valley Record Swim with the fish in the King’s Pond in Hawaii   & photo February 7

> up! (WestJet Magazine) 50 Ways to Freeze Your Lover in Quebec City February

2012 (13 clips)

>The Pique New York City: How to take teens to galleries and museums October 4

>up! (WestJet Magazine) Shank’s Mare and a Comfy Bed: Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail  August

>The Oregonian “Artistically inclined: Eight art-filled reasons to visit Vancouver, B.C., this summer” July 29

> The Vancouver Courier “Three museums kids will like” June 1

> The Georgia Straight “It’s a land of giants in Port Renfrew’s Avatar Grove” May 31

> The Oregonian “Vancouver Island circle route: Drink in the wine, the scenery, the air” May 20

> The Vancouver Courier “Swiss railway station has killer views” & photo April 6

> up! (WestJet Magazine) “Titanic 100” April

> The Oregonian “Go back to Titanic’s times at hotel fit for royalty” March 4

> Western Living “In a Fix” Navigating Nicaragua with photos, March

> up! (WestJet Magazine) “Tasty Rejuvenation” Hawaii,  March

> Comox Valley Record “Visiting Tofino is all-round ‘green’ experience” & photo Feb. 23

> up! (WestJet Magazine) “Hawaiian Hot Stuff” January

2011 (28 clips)

> The Oregonian “Chinese New Year in Richmond B.C.” December 24

> The Pique “Partying with the locals at Oistins” December 8

> The Oregonian “Guides Steer you to Seattle’s best spots with winter walking tours” November 26

> Comox Valley Record “Get addicted to golf in San Antonio” November 24

> North Shore News “King’s Pond” November 20

> up! (WestJet inflight) “Challenge the Cliffwalk at Capilano Suspension Bridge”October

> The Oregonian “Get off the regular tourist path and rediscover Victoria” August 14

> up! (WestJet inflight) “Matchmaking in Ottawa” August

> The Comox Valley Record “Newfoundland serves up drama in the most unlikely places” July 7

> The Georgia Straight “Nicaragua’s untouched landscape offers wild rides” & photo June 16-23

> up! (WestJet inflight) “Ready for the Rodeo” & photo June

> Comox Valley Record “Making music in land of midnight sun” & photo June 3

> Vanderhoof Omineca Express “Making music in land of midnight sun” & photo June 3

> Aldergrove Star “Making music in land of the midnight sun” & photo June 3

> Campbell River MirrorMaking music in land of the midnight sun” & photo June 3

> Toronto Sun “Nature museums a hit with kids” & photo May 25

> North Shore News “Dawson puts on a party” & photo May 22

> Royal City Register “Helihiking takes visitors to dizzying heights” & photo May 19

> The Oregonian “The Calgary Stampede has a lot more to offer than just the world-famous rodeo”  May 8

> The Vancouver Courier “Botanical garden, eco-savvy resort showcase natural environment”  May 6

> Chilliwack Progress “Yukon: Making music in the Land of the Midnight Sun”  & photo April 30

> The Vancouver Courier “Lana’i Lodge surrounded by imported pines; Croquet and Tea in the Tropics” April 29

> North Shore News “Nothing beats Oistins’ Friday night fish fry” & photo April 17

> Up Here “Beating the odds in the Yukon wilderness” April/May

> North Shore News “Heli-hikers climb to dizzying heights” & photo March 13

> Chilliwack Progress “Barbados: Partying with the locals at Oistins” & photo March 9

> The Oregonian “D.C. Tour: Discard the guidebook & find unexpected gems” March 6

> Comox Valley Record “Partying with locals at Oistins in Barbados” & photo January 6

2010 (40 clips)    

> up! (WestJet inflight) Close Encounters of the Musical Kind” December

> The Vancouver Courier “Texas golf holiday a family affair” & photo December 3

> The Oregonian “Leave the beach and uncover the unexpected in Hawaii” October 17

> The Vancouver Courier “Natives, nature delight on Newfoundland coast”  & photo October 15

> Windsor Star “Rafting BC’s sweetest rivers” September 29

> Toronto Sun “Barbados’ best party place” & photo September 26

> The Georgia StraightSpy for a day at museum in Washington, D.C.” September 23-30

> Campbell River Mirror “Nature, natives delightful on Newfoundland coast”  & photo September 23

> The Vancouver Courier “Summer theatre thrives in Newfoundland outports” & photo August 25

> The Vancouver Courier Empire State building nicer from a distance” & photo July 30

> The Star Phoenix “Rafting BC’s sweetest rivers” July 25

> Victoria Times Colonist ““Rafting BC’s sweetest rivers” July 23

> The Windsor Star ““Rafting BC’s sweetest rivers” July 18

> Chilliwack Progress “Empire State building nicer from afar” & photo July 16

> Toronto Sun “Newfoundland one colourful character” & photo July 11

> The Oregonian “Stunning scenery lures adventurers to British Columbia for helicopter hiking”  July 4

> Calgary Herald, Victoria Times Colonist “Rafting B.C. sweetest rivers” & photo June 25

> Montreal Gazette “Rafting on B.C’s Thompson River” & photo June 25

> The Progress “Summer theatre thrives in tiny outports” & photo June 23

> The Province “Paddling through the white water” June 13

> The Oregonian “Bored, Moody Teens? Not possible in New York” June 5

> Vancouver Sun “Meet your maker on B.C.’s islands” & photo June 5

> The Georgia Straight “Road tunes drive journey through Yukon” & photo June 3

> The Vancouver Courier “Making music in the land of the midnight sun” & photo June 2

> The Pique “Ontario: A family dash to Niagara Falls” & photo June 2

> Toronto Sun “Finding music in land of midnight sun” & photo May 23

> The Vancouver Courier “Heli-hiking takes visitors to dizzying heights” & photo May 19

> Toronto Sun “High on heli-hiking” & photo May 4

> Toronto Sun “Surrender to experts at museums and galleries” & photo April 25

> Toronto Sun “Surviving New York City with teens” & photo April 25

> The Vancouver Courier “How to mix teens and museums successfully” & photo April 21

> The Oregonian “In Vancouver, B.C., it’s time to drink, eat and be merry” April 18

> Toronto Sun A golf trip for the whole family” & photo April 4

> Comox Valley Record “Heli-hiking takes visitors to dizzying heights” & photo March 25

> Lethbridge Sun Times “Families find culture at Maui celebration” & photo March 17

> The Oregonian “Spend a night in a Vancouver igloo” & photo March 7

> The Vancouver Courier “Partying with Barbadians” & photo March 5

> The Oregonian “Visitors meet their dinner’s maker around Vancouver Island” & photo February 21

> Chilliwack Progress “Hawaii: Families find culture at Maui celebrations” & photo February 10

2009 (34 clips)

> The Oregonian “Olympic Fever in Vancouver, Whistler” December 27

> The Oregonian “SOS: Special Olympic Stuff” December 27

> The Oregonian “Longtime wannabe, Whistler is ready for its Olympic run” December 27

> The Oregonian “Navigating Vancouver during the Olympics” December 27

> The Oregonian “New sleeps and eats in Vancouver” December 27

> Chilliwack Progress “Beyond the beach at San Diego” 7 photo December 9

> The Vancouver Courier “Families find culture at Maui Celebration” December 4

> Keremeos Review “Seattle: Touring the Emerald City with Tween-agers” & photo November 5

> Prince George Free Press “Seattle: Touring the Emerald City with Tween-agers” & photo November 5

> Fairmont Magazine “Kids at Play” Winter 2010

> The Vancouver Courier “Tweens groove and gawk their way through Seattle” September 30

> Chilliwack Progress “Touring Seattle with Tweenagers” & photo September 30

> North Shore News “Helicopter gives bird’s eye view of Niagara Falls” & photo September 11

> Chilliwack Progress “Ottawa: A capital idea for families & photo August 14

> North Shore News “A Riviere runs through it” & photo August 16

> North Shore News “Experience Seattle” & photo July 26

> Toronto Sun “A Quebec riviere runs through it” & photo July 26

> The Oregonian “The Best of Vancouver Island’s Parksville” July 13

> The Toronto Sun “Churning up the wow factor” & photo July 12

> Chilliwack Progress “An ‘anti-Anne’ holiday” & photo July 9

> The Vancouver Courier “Lac St. Jean visit fun-filled way to discover Quebec” & photo June 12

> The Vancouver Courier “Helicopter’s tour above Niagara ’totally rocked” & photo June 5

> Prince George Free Press “San Francisco: Four sweet diversions for teens” & photo June 4

> The Georgia Straight “All grown up, Parksville’s more than beaches May 28-June 4

> Dreamscapes “A Floating Paradise: Capture the Spirit at King Pacific Lodge” Spring/Summer

> The Oregonian “Pannekoek anyone? Go Dutch in B.C.” May 10

> Vancouver Courier “Teen diversions in Frisco” & photo April 24

> The Globe and Mail “Where the boys aren’t” April 15

> The Oregonian “Foodie tours bring you Seattle’s best” March 15

> Toronto Sun “In a Hawaiian state of mind” & photo March 8

> Lethbridge Sun Times “Let’s go to San Diego” & photo February 19

> Prince George Free Press “Hawaii: Families find culture at Maui celebration” & photo February 12

> The Vancouver Courier “Family-friendly San Diego” & photo February 18

> The Oregonian “First Nations experience take off in Vancouver” February 1

2008 (19 clips)

> The Oregonian “Tofino practices and promotes green tourism” December 13

> The Georgia Straight “Eiger climb made for mortals” December 11 – 18

> The Oregonian “On the Right Track: A family train trip rumbles across Canada” October 17

Northern Lights Award for Travel Writing Excellence

> HomeSpa “Gear Up” Fall-Winter

> up! “The Timeless Fraser River”September

> Western Living “Got Junk?” September

> The Oregonian “Gawking at Grizzlies” August 24

> The Georgia Straight “All aboard for a train ride to togetherness” July 10 – 17

> BC Business “Focused on Nature (Sonora Resort) July

> Western Living “It takes a village”  (Regina’s Cathedral Village) June

> The Georgia Straight “Rafters drink up Thompson River’s delights” May 22 – 29

> The Oregonian “Salem family shares suite dreams of Disneyland” May 4

> The Oregonian “Santa Barbara: Green Travel” Travel section cover April 20 Travel Media Association of Canada: Best Environmental/Responsible Tourism Award

> The Oregonian “See the world, don’t ruin it: Green Travel” Travel section cover April 20

> The Oregonian “North-of-the-border rambles” Travel section cover March 23

> The Oregonian “Reel Adventure in B.C.’s Inside Passage” Travel section cover March 23

> Western Living “Coffee takes Flight” March

> The Oregonian “Barbados: Culture, nature, fun blend effortlessly” & photo Travel section cover March 9

> The Oregonian “Gender Benders: She Says” Travel section cover January 6

2007 (19 clips)

> The Oregonian “San Francisco – sweet!” & photos Travel section cover January 28 

> The Vancouver Sun “Turn things up a notch for Valentine’s” Travel section cover February 6 (also Calgary Herald,

> The Globe and Mail “The Birthplace of Earth Day keeps the faith” April 21

> The Oregonian “Unique sleeps – San Francisco” April 22

> The Calgary Herald “The Sweets of San Francisco” & photos Travel section cover April 28

> The Oregonian “No horse skills? No worries” & photos May 6

> Western Living “Country Slickers” May

> The Oregonian “So far, so good” & photos Travel section cover May 6

> The Vancouver Sun “Tuneful Travels” Travel section cover May 8 (also Calgary Herald)

> The Globe and Mail “Aventures avec ma famille” & photo September 1

> The Oregonian “Be a ‘locavore’ and dine well” & photo September 16

> The Georgia Straight “All work is good play in Barbados yacht race” & photo November 15-22

> The Oregonian “Wings on the West” & photos Travel section cover December 2 

> The Georgia Straight “With Christmas abroad, it’s all about the tree” December 20-27

> Western Living “Moe and Jeff” photo December

> Cloverdale Reporter “Christmas on the Nile” December

2006 (32 clips)

> The Georgia Straight “All the world’s a stage in rural Newfoundland” & photo January 5 – 12

> The Oregonian “Yaletown’s complex of hipness” January 22

> The Oregonian “BC Spa Spree”& photos Travel section cover January 29

> The Vancouver Sun “Egypt for the Adventurous”& photos Travel section cover February 4

> The Vancouver Sun “Romance on the rocks” & photos February 11 (and The Tribute, Windsor Star, Prince George Citizen, Expositor)

> Atlanta Goodlife “Speed meets spa in Sonoma” March

> Privilege Magazine “Mmmmm…Marilyn in the West” March

> The Oregonian “A Canuck Quiz” March 12

> The Vancouver Sun “A Maritimes Odd Couple” & photos Travel section cover April 8 (and Victoria Times Colonist)

> The Oregonian “Switching places in the Sonoma Valley” April 23

> Western Living “Life and a Beach” May

> AAA Living “Canadian Rhythms”May/June 2006 Northern Lights Award for Travel Writing Excellence

> The Vancouver Sun “The Star Treatment”& photos Travel section cover May 9

> The Oregonian “Traveling with kids: 10 tips for survival” May 28

> Atlanta Goodlife “Vacationing not just for adults” May

> Canadian Family “Fly away!Summer edition

> The Vancouver Sun “Rootin’ tootin’ Family fun in San Antonio” & photos October 7

> The Oregonian “Veering off-course in Texas” & photos October 22

> The Georgia Straight “Cowgirl dreams come true only in Texas” & photo November 2-9

> The Oregonian “A river, a raft, a soaring flock of eagles” & photos November 19

> The Vancouver Sun “Keeping an eagle eye on nature” & photos December 26 (also Calgary Herald, Windsor Star, Cape Breton Post, Prince George Citizen, Regina Leader Post, Alaska Highway News)

2005 (47 clips)

> The Oregonian “Inclined to skiing decadence” Travel section cover January 2 

> The Vancouver Sun “A decadent weekend in Whistler” Travel section cover January 18

> The Oregonian “Sunscreen and Symphonies” January 23

> The Oregonian “Barnstorm in a biplane“ February 27

> Atlanta Goodlife “Girls Getaway to San Diego” March

> The Oregonian “Fancy Fishing” March 13

> The Oregonian “Coolest Place Ever” Destinations cover March 13

> The Vancouver Sun “Versatile San Diego” Travel section cover March 19

> The Oregonian “Discover your inner lounge lizard” April 3

> The Oregonian “Hike Diamond Head” April 10

> The Vancouver Sun “Happy kids, happy holiday” & photos Travel section cover April 16 (and Calgary

    Herald, Edmonton Journal, Leader Post, Daily News)

> The Oregonian “Walk the Ocean Floor” April 24

> The Oregonian “Pick up good vibrations” May 1

> The Oregonian “Examining Einstein” May 8

> The Vancouver Sun “Unique Sleeps in British Columbia” May 10

> The Oregonian “Stir things up” May 22

> The Oregonian “Do good, travel well” May 29

> The Oregonian “Postcard from Vancouver B.C.” June 5

> The Oregonian “On location in San Diego” Travel section cover June 12

> The Vancouver Sun “Not just for men” & photosArts& Life section coverJune 27

> The Globe and Mail “From place to placemat” July

> The Vancouver Sun “Small bites from a big country” Travel section cover July 2 (also Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald)

> The Oregonian “Join the Ranger Ranks” July 10

> The Georgia Straight ”Hawaiian music more than tiny bubbles”July 14-21

> The Vancouver Sun Seatttle’s a great place for tweenagers” & photos Travel section cover July 19 (also  Kingston Whig-Standard, Leader Post, Kimberly Daily Bulletin)

> Atlanta Goodlife “Beyond the Beach Chair in Hawaii” August

> The Oregonian “Get jiggy with it on Cape Breton” September 11

> The Oregonian “Cultural Quest” & photos Travel section cover October 2

> The Vancouver Sun “The real Hawaii” & photos Travel section cover October 29

> The Vancouver Sun “Salish Lodge a ‘couple’s getaway” & photos Travel Section cover November 23 (also Calgary Herald, Ottawa Citizen, Leader Post, Trail Times, Victoria Times Colonist)  Travel Media Association of Canada Award for Best Article (hotel or resort)

> The Vancouver Sun “Elbow Room galore in Snoqualmie Valley” November 23 (also Victoria Times Colonist)

> Harmony “The beautiful inn” December/January

2004 (34 clips)

> The Vancouver Sun “Fifty ways to freeze your lover” & photos Travel section cover February 14(also Edmonton Journal)

> The Oregonian “Canada: fresh bites from a big country” March 14

> Teaching Tolerance “Lessons from Goldilocks” Spring

> The Vancouver Sun “Festival Season” Travel section cover May 4

> The Georgia Straight “Quebec Fiord a Natural Marvel” June 3 – 10

> The Oregonian “Festival season in Quebec” June 20

> The Oregonian “A magical history tour” June 27

> The Vancouver Sun “Ancient Egypt arrives in Victoria” & photos Travel section cover July 10

> The Vancouver Sun “Playing with History” & photos Travel section cover July 20 (also Prince George  Citizen, Expositor, Sault Star) Travel Media Association of Canada Award for Excellence in Family Travel Writing

> The Oregonian “In Victoria, it’s all things (all the time) Egyptian” & photo July 25

> Atlanta Goodlife “After the Falls: Niagara’s Freedom Trail” & photos June

> The Oregonian “Independent travel in Egypt” August 1

> The Oregonian “Travel 101:Australia’s Uluru (Ayers Rock)” August 1

> The Georgia StraightScoffing, Scuffing, and Firking in St. John’s” & photo August 26 – September 2

Northern Lights Award for Travel Writing Excellence and Destination Newfoundland & Labrador Award

> The Vancouver Sun “Slaves found freedom in Ontario” & photos Travel section cover September 4

> The Globe and Mail “Sleepover: Poet’s Cover Resort and Spa” September 18

> The Oregonian “Poetry in motion, and at rest” September 26

> Atlanta Goodlife “Fancy Fishing: British Columbia’s King Pacific Lodge” September

> Airlines “Living History: Exploring Three of Canada’s Leading Museums” September

> The Oregonian “Halloween in Hawaii” October 3

> The Oregonian “Lighting the way in Little India” October 17

> The Chicago Tribune “Niagara’s Freedom Trail: A story beyond the falls” October 24

> The Oregonian “Shop and soak in the season” November 14

> The Oregonian “A Victoria-n Christmas” November 21

> The Oregonian “Love on the Rocks” & photos Travel section cover November 28

> The Oregonian “A Snoqualmie Sampler”& photosNovember 28

> The Oregonian “Travel 101:The Great Barrier Reef” December 12

> The Oregonian “Celebrate winter in the city” December 12

> The Oregonian “50 ways to freeze your lover” & photos Travel section cover December 19

> Atlanta Goodlife “Egypt: Stop Dreaming, Start Packing” December

2003 (16 clips)

> The Georgia Straight “Family spends four years before the mast” Feb. 27 – March 6

> The Oregonian “Fun Festivals: from the sublime to the truly odd” March 9

> The Ambassador Yellow Pages Manhattan “Honeymoons: Vancouver, B.C.” March

> The Vancouver Sun “Exotic BC” & photos Travel section cover May 13

> The Oregonian “The best summer camp you’ve never been to” June 22

> The Oregonian “Exotic destinations lie a stone’s throw away” & photos July 6

> The Georgia Straight “Families share some wild times at lodge” & photo July 10

> The Oregonian “Royal BC Museum is showing off some great bones” August 10

> The Vancouver Sun “A Vacation of Verbs” & photos Travel section cover August 30 (also

   Edmonton Journal, North Bay Nugget, Expositor, The Lindsay Post)

> The Oregonian “The Rhythms of Rarotonga” & photo October 19

> Elm Street “Action Pact” November 2003

> The Georgia Straight “Steam clock a test of guides and good taste” December 11-18

2002 (11 clips)

 > The Georgia Straight “Movie Geeks Feted for Unfathomable Work” March 28–April 4

> The Georgia Straight “Rarotonga is perfect place for rest and play” & photo April 11-18

> The Georgia Straight “World a stunning but challenging classroom” & photo April 25–May 2

> The Georgia Straight “Crossover kids” April 25–May 2

> The Vancouver Sun “Bright lights, big stunts” Mix section cover May 25

> The Georgia Straight “Educators looking to reverse moral decline” August 15-22

> The Georgia Straight “Swimming with the Salmon” & photos September 26

> The Oregonian “World Class Travels” & photos Travel section cover October 13

> Western Living “The Capital of Nowhere” November

> Canadian Family “Christmas on the Nile” & photos December (Holiday)

> Mountain Equipment Coop (  “Going Wild in Malaysia,”  Mountain Equipment Coop Adventure Story winner

2001 (5 clips)

> The Georgia Straight “Kayaking the Great Barrier Reef” & photo April 5-12

> The Georgia Straight “Sling for your farm supper” & photo May 10-17

> The Georgia Straight “Exploring Moab, where God put the West” & photo September 27-October 4

> The Georgia Straight “Cool Down at high altitudes” & photo December 6-13

> The Vancouver Sun “Christmas on the Nile” & photo Mix section coverDecember 22

2000 (2 clips)

> The Georgia Straight “New Zealand offers subterranean adventures” & photo February 17-24 (and The Straight, Calgary)

> The Georgia Straight “O’Kannagan rocks the Okanagan” March 16-23

1999 (1 clip)

> The Georgia Straight “Tasmanian Devils Haunt Cells“ & photo Oct. 28-Nov.4

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