Vive L’Acadie!

Acadia has the ingredients of a bona fide country. National flag? Check. National anthem? Check. National holiday? Yup, August 15. National pride? Oh my goodness yes.

Acadia’s citizens live loud and proud in New Brunswick. Credit: Ann Britton Campbell

And yet, you won’t find Acadia on any map. That’s because, despite a rich history reaching back to the 1600s, when French settlers put down roots on the Atlantic coast of North America, Acadia has no borders, no government, no official status.

But it does have loyal citizens–an estimated 96,000 Acadians live in Canada, with strongholds in the country’s Maritime provinces, particularly New Brunswick.

Drive New Brunswick’s coast from Shediac to Caraquet and you’ll spy…

Continue reading this article, including seven must-do diversions along the route and five traditional Acadian dishes to sample, in the August 2013 issue of up! magazine. (Flip to page 32-33 in the digital issue).

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