Pender Island Surprises

Kye Nahanni Dog Mermaid Eco Excursions
Kye Nahanni, Dog Mermaid Eco Excursions Photo credit: Ann Britton Campbell

There is a disco on Pender Island. At least I think that’s what islander Curtis Redel just told me.

“Heart Trail is a great morning walk,” says Redel when I ask about hiking on the island. “And if you keep following it, you’ll reach the disco.”

I imagine flashing lights, disco balls and Donna Summer shaking her groove thing on this laid-back Gulf Island in the Salish Sea between Vancouver and Victoria. And then it hits me: He said “disc golf.”

Which is a head-scratcher in its own right. Pender Island, just 36 sq km in size, with 2300 permanent residents, is home to …

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