Into the snow in Quebec’s Chic-Chocs

Venture to this unique back-country ski lodge in Quebec. Photo credit: Ann Britton Campbell

Staring down the powdery, steep slope dotted with snow-laden trees, I am far from lift lines, far from home and far–way far–out of my comfort zone.

My ski guide Mia, one of a handful of bilingual staff at the remote Auberge de Montagne des Chic-Chocs on the Gaspe Peninsula in eastern Quebec, gives me an encouraging smile. “You can use the skis like snowshoes,” she says and demonstrates the technique, trudging back and forth across the slope. Her slumped shoulders, dangling arms and clownish expression suggest this is a very bad choice.

“Or you can go like so,” she says and with a push is off, one foot forward, knees bent, carving graceful turns through the pristine snow.

In fact, learning how to “go like so” is the reason why…

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