Into the snow in Quebec’s Chic-Chocs

Venture to this unique back-country ski lodge in Quebec. Photo credit: Ann Britton Campbell

Staring down the powdery, steep slope dotted with snow-laden trees, I am far from lift lines, far from home and far–way far–out of my comfort zone.

My ski guide Mia, one of a handful of bilingual staff at the remote Auberge de Montagne des Chic-Chocs on the Gaspe Peninsula in eastern Quebec, gives me an encouraging smile. “You can use the skis like snowshoes,” she says and demonstrates the technique, trudging back and forth across the slope. Her slumped shoulders, dangling arms and clownish expression suggest this is a very bad choice.

“Or you can go like so,” she says and with a push is off, one foot forward, knees bent, carving graceful turns through the pristine snow.

In fact, learning how to “go like so” is the reason why…

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Welcome to the Rock: Newfoundland

Looking up at architecturally stunning Fogo Island Inn
Fogo Island Inn welcomes strangers to shores of Central Newfoundland Photo credit: Ann Britton Campbell

“We didn’t do anything special,” says retired police constable Oswald “Oz” Fudge when describing this community’s efforts to welcome the 38 commercial aircraft carrying nearly 7,000 passengers and crew that were ordered to land in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Theatregoers seeing “Come From Away,” the hit musical based on those efforts, as well as travellers visiting Gander, will beg to differ. Thanks to …

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Road-Tripping on Vancouver Island

Avatar Grove outside Port Renfrew is home to Canada’s “Gnarliest Tree.” Credit: Ann Britton Campbell

There is air, there is fresh air, and then there’s the brisk, briny, oxygen-thick air that rides in on wild ocean waves.

That’s the air you’ll breathe as you explore the Pacific Marine Circle Route on southern Vancouver Island. This 255-kilometre-long drive begins in Victoria, hugs the rugged western coastline to fisher-and hiker-friendly Port Renfrew, travels across the island on former logging roads to the fertile Cowichan Valley before delivering eye-popping ocean vistas on the return to …

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A Guide to Cape Breton Island

Hiking options in Cape Breton Highlands National Park include Franey Trail. Photo: Ann Britton Campbell

Take a drive on the wild side with a visit to Cape Breton Island on the northern tip of Nova Scotia. With its soaring cliffs, bountiful seas and a heady mix of Gaelic, Acadian and Mi’kmaq cultures, this vast land delivers a Maritimes experience like no other. Visitors can hike, paddle or immerse themselves in local art and history at various stops and attractions.

Parks Canada provides ingredients for picnic at Black Brook Beach . Photo: Ann Britton Campbell 

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Bonjour: Visiting Quebec with Kids


It is Paris without the jarring jet lag, a European experience wrapped in the warmth of Canadian hospitality. And in little more than five hours, you and your family can be there.

A vacation in Montreal and Quebec City, in the Canadian province of Quebec, is the stuff family-travel dreams are made of. There’s just enough exotic–French as the common language, centuries-old stone buildings lining narrow cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafes serving poutine, tourtiere and other curious dishes–to immerse visitors in an intoxicatingly different culture. Yet this…

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Warm Weather Hotels – Lord Balfour

Room Mate Lord Balfour, Miami Beach, Florida. Step into the lobby of this friendly boutique hotel, and you’re greeted by a wall of 20 sculptural hands, each holding a vanity mirror, as if to say, “Look at you, wise traveller, staying in this stylin’ place.” Housed in a 1940 art deco building …

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Celebrate the Holiday Season in San Francisco

Photo credit: Beach Blanket Babylon

The lead-up to the holidays can be an especially exhausting time for parents. It’s a special time, yes, but — let’s be honest here — it is difficult to embrace the magic of the season when you’re face-planting into bed every night.

Perhaps it’s time to hit the pause button, pack up the kids and some warm sweaters and escape to San Francisco …

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Key West Two Ways

At the old port in Key West, Florida. Photo credit: Ann Britton Campbell

Seafood is king in Key West, but a certain pie reigns as its most famous food…Visit WestJet Magazine online to continue reading my recommendations for Casual Dining.

Thanks to a sub tropical climate and compact geography, it’s easy to get moving in Key West… Visit WestJet Magazine online to continue reading my recommendations for the  Active Outdoors .

Sonoma Girlfriend Getaway

Audi Autocross Challenge in Sonoma is a gas with girlfriends. Photo: Ann Britton Campbell
Audi Autocross Challenge in Sonoma is a gas with girlfriends. Photo: Ann Britton Campbell

“Drive it like you stole it,” says Dane Rudolph, the lead instructor at the Audi Autocross Challenge. He has watched me complete a cautious lap on the twisty-turny autocross track and is now urging me to get more aggressive. “Trust the car,” he says. “Don’t over think the technical. Keep hustling.”

Despite years of carpool driving that have obviously impacted my ability to put the pedal to the metal, Rudolph’s advice hits the right chord. My next two laps are fast and furious.

My gal pal Robyn (who is way, way outside her comfort zone in a fast car) is up next. She…

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Maui Two Ways

Vintage, modern, marvelous Maui. Credit: Ann Britton Campbell
Vintage, modern, marvelous Maui. Credit: Ann Britton Campbell

This island is the stuff of tropical dreams. Whether your Hawaiian fantasies resemble Kodachrome snapshots of hip-swaying hula dancers or HD videos of big-wave surfers, Maui delivers.

Vintage Hawaii.  Call it kitschy, Hawaiiana or just plain retro fun, these activities offer a taste of classic Hawaii.  Journey back in time to when pineapple was king during …  Continue reading this article here.