Trinkets at Bathesba Market, Barbados


2018.    Best Adventure, Recreation or Sport Feature, 3rd place, Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC)

2017     Silver, Travel Feature, Editorial & Design Awards, Parenting Media Association

2008    Northern Lights Award for Travel Writing Excellence, Internet Reporting,  Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)

2008    Best Environmental/Responsible Tourism Feature, TMAC

2008    Kalama Award, Maui Visitors Bureau

2007    Northern Lights Award for Travel Writing Excellence, Magazine, CTC

2006    Best Article (Hotel or Resort) Award, TMAC

2005    Northern Lights Award for Travel Writing Excellence, Newspaper, CTC

2005    Award of Excellence in Family Travel Writing, TMAC

2005    Destination Newfoundland and Labrador Award, TMAC

2002    Adventure Story winner, Mountain Equipment Co-op


From a current editor: 

Your piece was perfect… no revisions required on your end. Thanks so much for always sending me such clean, well-written and fun first drafts. You’re a joy to work with.

Jill Foran, Editor, WestJet Magazine. 

From a retired editor:

Ann is one of the best travel writers I have ever worked with … First, she’ll come up with a great idea. Next she’ll tailor the idea to meet your needs/desires. Then she’ll deliver a manuscript that is virtually ready for print … Ann is thorough and unfailing accurate, with a stylistic touch that invites readers into the story and entertains them to the end.

Sue Hobart, Former Travel Editor, The Oregonian

From a panel of judges:

With vivid observation, scene-setting, and sprightly writing, [Campbell] conveys the essence of the place… She uses vignettes and dialogue, rather than sweeping generality.  And, we suspect, Campbell gives us a candid snapshot of her own personality.  A boisterous, humble, quick-minded person wrote this – or so it seems.

Judges’ comments, Northern Lights Awards

From a travel industry representative:

Ann’s story development skills set the standard and she consistently approaches her assignments in new, exciting and interesting ways — ways that truly bring our Maui stories to life … Her magic lies in the ability to recognize and meet the needs of all parties involved – editors, readers, hosts and herself. Ann has an impeccable work ethic, and her creativity and passion come through every time we work on a project.

Keli’i Brown, Director, Public Relations and Promotions, Maui Visitors Bureau

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