A Guide to Cape Breton Island

Take a drive on the wild side with a visit to Cape Breton Island on the northern tip of Nova Scotia. With its soaring cliffs, bountiful seas and a heady mix of Gaelic, Acadian and Mi’kmaq cultures, this vast land delivers a Maritimes experience like no other. Visitors can hike, paddle or immerse themselves inContinue reading “A Guide to Cape Breton Island”

Bonjour: Visiting Quebec with Kids

It is Paris without the jarring jet lag, a European experience wrapped in the warmth of Canadian hospitality. And in little more than five hours, you and your family can be there. A vacation in Montreal and Quebec City, in the Canadian province of Quebec, is the stuff family-travel dreams are made of. There’s justContinue reading “Bonjour: Visiting Quebec with Kids”

Two Times the Fun: Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast

They share the same (west) coast of Canada and a fervent love for their spectacular natural surroundings. Yet big-city Vancouver and small-town Sunshine Coast offer visitors worlds-apart experiences. In Vancouver, your internal engines will rev high as you navigate an embarrassment of restaurants, bars, shops and attractions. On the Sunshine Coast, you’ll downshift and uncoverContinue reading “Two Times the Fun: Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast”

Victoria Two Ways: Nature Nut or Urban Escapist?

Victoria blossoms in March. While most of Canada remains in a deep freeze, colourful flowers mark the arrival of spring on the country’s west-est coast. Whether your idea of fun is cavorting outdoors or cocooning inside, this gorgeous B.C. city has got you covered. For The Nature Nut With an ocean at its doorstep andContinue reading “Victoria Two Ways: Nature Nut or Urban Escapist?”

Voyageur Parkour in Manitoba

I’m in the middle of our country (Aikens Lake, in eastern Manitoba to be exact) landing a boat on a rocky shore channeling my inner Courier de Bois—if I was any more Canadian I’d be the recipient of multiple Heritage grants. From the moment my boat touches the rocky shore, I’m in motion: leaping overContinue reading “Voyageur Parkour in Manitoba”

Good apples: Nova Scotia harvest time

The crunch of a crisp apple. The sweet aroma of warm apple pie. The tastebud-tickling goodness of fresh-pressed apple cider.  Ever since French settlers first planted apple trees some 400 years ago in what is now Nova Scotia, the fall harvest has inspired apple lovers to bite into, bake, puree, preserve, ferment and otherwise relish thisContinue reading “Good apples: Nova Scotia harvest time”

Short escape to Whitehorse opens up Yukon’s great outdoors

It’s not so much the fact that Jell-O shooters are being served at a makeshift bar in Whitehorse that has me flabbergasted. It’s who’s doing the serving. The Honourable Scott Kent, then Yukon’s minister of education and–it must be noted–the politician responsible for the Yukon Liquor Corporation, is a celebrity server on a team supplyingContinue reading “Short escape to Whitehorse opens up Yukon’s great outdoors”

An Anti-Anne Vacation on Canada’s Prince Edward Island

It’s all Anne, all the time on Canada’s Prince Edward Island. For fans of the redheaded heroine of the children’s novel Anne of Green Gables, the province is hallowed ground. Anne references are everywhere, from the Anne Shirley Motel to the Green Gables Golf Course to umpteen shops carrying Anne dolls, Anne preserves, Anne platesContinue reading “An Anti-Anne Vacation on Canada’s Prince Edward Island”

Vive L’Acadie!

Acadia has the ingredients of a bona fide country. National flag? Check. National anthem? Check. National holiday? Yup, August 15. National pride? Oh my goodness yes. And yet, you won’t find Acadia on any map. That’s because, despite a rich history reaching back to the 1600s, when French settlers put down roots on the AtlanticContinue reading “Vive L’Acadie!”

Canada: From place to placemat

As a young child, I took great pleasure in mushing oatmeal on Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings, spilling juice over Niagara Falls and smearing strawberry jam across Prairie wheat fields. The plastic-covered placemats of quintessential Canadian scenes that my mother spread across our kitchen table in our 1960s suburban rancher in Nanaimo, B.C. were meant to speedContinue reading “Canada: From place to placemat”