Short escape to Whitehorse opens up Yukon’s great outdoors

Miles Canyon Trail near Whitehorse is distractingly scenic for conference attendee cum mountain biker. Credit: Gov’t of Yukon/D. Crowe

It’s not so much the fact that Jell-O shooters are being served at a makeshift bar in Whitehorse that has me flabbergasted. It’s who’s doing the serving.

The Honourable Scott Kent, then Yukon’s minister of education and–it must be noted–the politician responsible for the Yukon Liquor Corporation, is a celebrity server on a team supplying wine, beer, and neon-coloured shots to an appreciative crowd.

…I’ve come to Whitehorse to attend a writers’ conference, and…although my days will be filled with meetings, meals, and (gag) networking, I’m determined to explore this legendary city north of 60.

I start early the next morning with a head-clearing jog in the bracing cold through the downtown core. Except for…

Continuing reading this article in The Georgia Straight.

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